Julie Barker

I'm Julie Barker, in late 2011 I walked away from a six figure income to live the lap top lifestyle, where I can travel, live wherever I want too and earn an income totally online. I am passionate about freedom and to be able to spend quality time in beautiful locations is how I plan on spending my 50’s and beyond

Mountaineer celebrates the conquest of the summit. Concepts: victory, success, achievement, triumph.

Inspiring Movie – Eddie the Eagle

Hi there today I wanted to share about a great movie I saw the other night – called Eddie the Eagle.   Based on a true story,  about a young boy that dreamed about being an Olympian –  he overcame so many obstacle’s  , nearly killed himself – his desire was that big.   He persevered , even though he was ridiculed,  put down and written of.   Most Olympic ski jumpers began when they were…


How to become a digital nomad and live for free!

Hi again I wanted to share some tips on how easy it can be to create a life where you are able to travel and live anywhere you choose.   As I prepare to embark in 2 months time for an extended trip oversea’s  – I am able to do this, because my business  goes with me and I will be house sitting as well.   It has taken time to get to this point…


Always learning

Hi there I have been on a journey the last few years.   It hasn’t always been easy. I have taken a few U -turns, restarts etc  and finally getting very clear on where I am heading.   My  focus is living  a Laptop Lifestyle and being free,  free to live where I choose, work where I choose and travel where I choose.   Along  my journey I come across a lot of people that…

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Tickets are booked.

  Hi there Just a quick post today to let you know it is happening,  I have booked my air tickets to travel to the UK in June, where I will house sit, travel around, still work online and explore a new country.  I am also booked to do the Wainwright Coast to Coast walk, a 15 day hike through the villages and the lakes district in northern England – More info here on the…

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Wow – what a trip!

Hi again I have arrived home after spending 5 weeks in my home state – Tasmania.  I had a great time and I really fell in love with the place.  I think you really don’t appreciate a place until you move away  – I loved the moderate climate and the breath taking scenery and could easily move back there. It was an interesting time on my travels, as it was really my first ever solo…

Why it is important to be a tourist in your own town.

Hi again For the last 3 weeks or so, I have been sight -seeing around my home state. Tasmania, – where I lived until I was in my 30’s.  I have visited attractions that have always been there, but like most people when we grow up in a place or live in a place, we tend to take for granted what is on our doorstep. I have explored the history of old houses in America,…