How to become a digital nomad and live for free!

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I wanted to share some tips on how easy it can be to create a life where you are able to travel and live anywhere you choose.   As I prepare to embark in 2 months time for an extended trip oversea’s  – I am able to do this, because my business  goes with me and I will be house sitting as well.   It has taken time to get to this point to earn an online income,  it is a continual journey  I am still learning and growing my skill base, in all things online, to ensure I am able to earn as I go, providing I have internet, which today is everywhere.    So many people have to cram it all into 4 week holiday a year, which can be so limiting.   Full time travel might not appeal to you, but  imagine hitting the road for 3 months or more, it can be so liberating and free –  I had a 5 week stint over Christmas & January, and had a ball – this is a link to my post on that trip  Wow what a trip

  It takes time to be in a position to do this,  so some things to consider now  are :

New skills –   maybe you need to learn some new skills, to set up a business  –  have a look here   Discover lifestyle courses on Udemy! or you can become a freelancer-   there are so many online opportunities ,  Great sites like and  are great places to register and obtain freelance work and explore to see what can be done.

Live for free   –  House sitting is brilliant for this and you can save an absolute fortune   – you have the added bonus of staying in a whole house, settling in, so easy to do work, and still have plenty of time to sight see and explore.   If House sitting is something you would like to really explore  – this is a great site to explore Check Out The House Sitting Academy Today

Invest in your personal development  –  it takes courage to go out in the unknown and follow your dream – it means going against the norm and people will tell you it can’t be done.   Surround yourself with people on a similar journey to you,  that don’t want to settle for the normal  – there are some great groups on Facebook – have a look and also connect with me on Facebook and I can point you in the direction on some good ones   Julie Barker Facebook

Follow some personal development coaches,  tap into their courses,  freebies and soak it up,  to keep you on track – a couple I recommend are –   Get results with Bob Proctor  and  sort out your money blocks  ( we all have them )   to stop that little voice telling you, you can’d to this – check out Money Blocks video by Denise Duffield Thomas

I hope these 3 tips have helped you today,  I will be sharing many more – to help you live a life you desire – and a laptop lifestyle if you choose.   There are so many choices out there –  have a look at my page on Online Income Ideas  – and over the coming weeks I will break some of these down, to make it easier for you.   I have done the research, found what works, what doesn’t – trust me – it is minefield out there with scams and things that are all hype.

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Julie Barker

I'm Julie Barker, in late 2011 I walked away from a six figure income to live the lap top lifestyle, where I can travel, live wherever I want too and earn an income totally online. I am passionate about freedom and to be able to spend quality time in beautiful locations is how I plan on spending my 50’s and beyond

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