Kombi Love


unnamedKombi Van 

I love vintage Kombi Van’s  – they are such an icon of Australian history – and I love what they represent – this green one is the colour I would love to own one day – and enjoyed a great day out at a Kombi show in Victoria.

I see them on my travels all the time,  I am sure it is because my radar is up,  i.e. my RAS  -Reticular Activating System – the part of our brain that looks for what we are thinking about -Your RAS plays a vital part in your ability to achieve goals.   Think back to when you started looking at new cars – and all of a sudden they were everywhere  – why hadn’t you noticed them before, as they have always been there,  it is you RAS,  focusing for you on what you want.     Set you RAS to go after what you want!

Enjoy some of my latest Pictures on my travels in Tasmania


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