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15916555_sHi there

it has been a while since I posted  and Happy New Year

2016 was an interesting year for many and a hard year too –  In the numerolgy world  2016 was they year of endings and the end of a 9 year cycle  and 2017 is the year of beginnings.   I feel like I have had a year in therapy, thanks to Uber driving,  lots of time to think, to get really clear on where I am and where I want to be.   Uber  has enabled me to walk away from  a business in July that was no longer serving me and it was my only income for a while  and it has also allowed me to fund some interstate travel and give me money to live on as a I build my new business.

I have met so many interesting people,  shared lots of laughs,  gave dating advice to young girls,  been a career counsellor ,  and tour guide  all while having great time driving people where they need to go.   I have seen parts of Melbourne I had never seen before,  loved seeing beautiful homes and area’s,  I have witnessed  the interesting  sights of Halloween and all the fashion during the cup carnival and the lively nightlife in Chapel Street.   Just to name a few  Melbourne is  truly an interesting and lively city to Uber drive in.

I am so grateful for Uber and what it has given me – not only as it helped me refocus and I am happier,    I have been able to pay my car off this year, and catch up on some debts.   Which is very freeing and allows me to now take of and travel overseas mid this year, with my online income to live on as I go

Uber is an amazing platform and there is no other arena out there that can give you the freedom to choose when you work  and how much we earn  – we have no boss,  yet there is always work.  We don’t have to chase it,  just turn on the Ap and drive.

I wanted to do this post as I would love to see more people embrace this amazing platform – even if only for a few months, to give you a cash injection  to travel, pay of a debt or give you the freedom to leave a job and start a business.   As a gift from me, as Uber are very generous to us for referring people  I am giving a $100 cash bonus,  once you have started driving,  for anyone that comes through my Partner Link    also I welcome phone calls as you can’t call Uber to ask questions, so feel free to call me on 0404 004 867

I thank the day I signed up to become an Uber Drive, it has totally changed my life and would love to see some more people  experience  the same

all the best


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Julie Barker

I'm Julie Barker, in late 2011 I walked away from a six figure income to live the lap top lifestyle, where I can travel, live wherever I want too and earn an income totally online. I am passionate about freedom and to be able to spend quality time in beautiful locations is how I plan on spending my 50’s and beyond

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