Hi my name is  Julie





Life is for living and I am passionate about living the best life possible.  Having an online  business is great as it  enables me to travel, house sit and explore this beautiful country with my partner.  As a woman in my 50s being fit and healthy is extremely important to me and I love being out in nature. 
I am extremely passionate about looking after the environment and very mindful of what products I use in my home and  have now converted my home completely to non toxic products. 
One of my hobbies is photography and I look forward to sharing some of my favourite photos too.  
Personal Development is also a big part of my life and I read blogs, listen to audiobooks and plan to share on the blog.  

I have a commonsense approach to life and am very down to earth .  Life has taught me lots of lessons  and if I can help others to avoid them – then that’s my goal .  I hope you enjoy this site and the posts I share along the way.


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