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I have been on a journey the last few years.   It hasn’t always been easy. I have taken a few U -turns, restarts etc  and finally getting very clear on where I am heading.   My  focus is living  a Laptop Lifestyle and being free,  free to live where I choose, work where I choose and travel where I choose.   Along  my journey I come across a lot of people that struggle with going after what it is they want – success is not happening for them,  they are stuck in old habits and ruts.   This has made me more aware, of my purpose in inspiring people to create their own dream life.

To keep me focused and also to surround myself with  inspiring people  I have been checking out some people to learn and be mentored from, and one such person is Bob Proctor,  I have followed him for a couple of years now –   he is a very inspiring mentor and one that I will be tapping into each day, as it is so easy for life to de-rail us and send us in the wrong direction,


If you want to learn a bit more about Bob Proctor  –  Click here to watch Bob’s newest video now.

I will be sharing more learnings and things I take away from Bob, as I listen to his SIX MINUTES TO SUCCESS daily program.  More info here 6 Minutes to Success

I will leave you with this rest quote

“Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.” –Bob ProctorJulie 

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Julie Barker

I'm Julie Barker, in late 2011 I walked away from a six figure income to live the lap top lifestyle, where I can travel, live wherever I want too and earn an income totally online. I am passionate about freedom and to be able to spend quality time in beautiful locations is how I plan on spending my 50’s and beyond

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