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My name is Julie and I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you,

Life so far has been interesting and with lots of up and downs and wow have I learnt some lessons.

To give you a bit of background about me, I am a country girl from Tassie, married young and had 3 children before I was 30.   I have lived in Melbourne for just over 21 years, where with my husband we raised 3 great kids – who are all of doing their own things. I divorced from my husband back in 2005.   I spent my forties – building a business and starting again, buying a couple of houses and lots and lots of travel, thanks to my previous company in direct sales that I was part of.

Things started to change –around 4 years ago, I started spending a lot of time on line, learning blogging and I realised I loved the online world.   I have also been on a personal journey and learning more about me and what makes me tick and also being comfortable with who I am and not trying to conform to what was expected of me and what I “should” be doing.

So in December 2011 – I turned my back on a big income, after discovering why I was miserable and that it was never going to change – I had to make the changes. I sold everything and began my house-sitting journey and started creating online income.

Wow what a tough few years it has been, the online business I had started before leaving my last business – ended up not working out,   I also had not set my self up financially, which again was a massive learning curve and caused major financial stress – Pride and ego got in the way for a while.

As a result, I had no choice but to get back into hospitality to create some cash flow – it was a job I knew well,  in hindsight – there were so many other jobs I could have got into – interesting the choices we make.

Fast forward 3 years and thanks to the company I am with now – I have been able to give up all outside work and concentrate on my business and develop my blog and start making travel plans. Also I am focusing almost totally on line, and living a laptop lifestyle.

I started Uber driving late 2016  and wow what an experience that has been, I call it my year of therapy – it gave me the time to think and work out exactly what I wanted to do.  I ended up  changing  companies. as it was not the place for me and going with a brand new start up in Australia, loving this experience and exciting to be part of the growth here in Australia.  I have been full time house sitting for almost a year now and looking to relocate interstate later in the year,  while I build my online business.

I hope by sharing my journey, both past and future – I can inspire others to want more, do more and to not settle for what life dishes up to the. To go after what you want out of life and to live a life with no regrets. Hopefully not make the same mistakes I did and just have fun.   I am also an avid photographer and will be sharing my journey in pictures often too

Looking forward to an exciting time as I spend my 50’s, travelling, living where I choose, having fun and living my life on my terms.








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