How do you start the day?

Hi there

I have been having a great time, exploring new area’s and experiencing a break from the bitterly cold Melbourne winter and it is about to get a whole lot more exciting, as I travel around this beautiful country I live in.

I checked into my AirBnB accommodation last night – in a beautiful location at Malua Bay near Batemans Bay, so got up early to watch the sunrise this morning and to checkout my surroundings. This is such a lovely way to start the day, rather than turning on the computer and checking Facebook, as is my usual routine. Time to change it up, take some time, to walk, or read a personal development book and reflect on how to make the most of each day. As life is for living and I am doing that.

Love to hear how you start the day.

Enjoy my pictures





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Julie Barker

I'm Julie Barker, in late 2011 I walked away from a six figure income to live the lap top lifestyle, where I can travel, live wherever I want too and earn an income totally online. I am passionate about freedom and to be able to spend quality time in beautiful locations is how I plan on spending my 50’s and beyond

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