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Inspiring Movie – Eddie the Eagle

Hi there

today I wanted to share about a great movie I saw the other night – called Eddie the Eagle.   Based on a true story,  about a young boy that dreamed about being an Olympian –  he overcame so many obstacle’s  , nearly killed himself – his desire was that big.   He persevered , even though he was ridiculed,  put down and written of.   Most Olympic ski jumpers began when they were 6 years old. Eddie began at 22 years old,   yet none of this stopped him and he made it to the Olympics .

SEEFELD, AUSTRIA - JANUARY 19 Colton Kissel (USA) jumps in Seefeld during a training session on January 19, 2012 in Seefeld, Austria.

What I took from this movie – is the passion and the desire Eddie had and the never give up attitude   – how many times do we go through the same things,  you have a desire to build a business,  live a different life , travel and yet we can get thrown of balance by well meaning “friends & family ”

It can be tough to swim up stream and not just go with the flow  of everyone around you.   My message today is to hang on to that dream,  fuel your desire and surround yourself with the right people.   I can so relate to this – as my dream has been to live a laptop lifestyle,   follow the sun and choose where I live,  not let life choose for me.   There have been times when I thought it would be so much easier to just get a job, and settle in one spot,  but I am like Eddie – the dream is too big, so I have pushed through the hard times,  still not where I need to be, but that is not stopping me,  I am working on myself, manifesting what I want and staying focused on where I want to be.


To finish up  – Eddie The Eagle is a wonderfully, inspirational movie.  Go see it with your whole family this weekend  – you will love it.

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Julie Barker

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