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Its been a while

10453460_795299870528402_17414618556577449_nHi there

I hope you are gearing up for a wonderful holiday break – I wanted to get in touch and fill you in on a few things that have been going on with me .

I am changing the direction of this blog – I walked away from a long term relationship back in August, – one of the hardest things I have had to do ever – due to the fact that freedom and travel are so strong for me and we were not aligned. As a result so many women reached out to me saying they were in the same boat, stuck etc, hence my decision to change the direction of this blog and target things that can help many women do something for themselves.

Whether it is to travel, change career or just have a happier life. I will be blogging about income ideas, especially mobile/ online, travel ideas and how to do it cheaply, accommodation ideas to save money and sharing my photo’s and general life interest things. My dream is to also own a vintage Kombi to travel Australia with, when I am not traveling in Europe, so I will be sharing my Kombi journey too – as I search for the right one – so lots of fun with that.
I will be working on this over Christmas / January – where I will be spending 5 weeks with family and hiking around my beautiful home state.  I can’t wait to enjoy time with my camera and nature and climbing a mountain or 2.

In the meantime I have created a blog on attraction marketing, and how to use Social Media and to help with your online marketing – head over here Online with Julie to have a look and add your self to my mailing list to stay in touch.

I am still busy building on business with Jeunesse – new websites exciting things happening there – Jeunesse Global – taking this more online – so I can be totally mobile.

Something else I have been doing is Uber driving – I am having so much fun and really enjoying the interaction with people and it is helping with my income goal to enable me to head to Europe next year, free of debt etc, If you would like to try the system – here is a token with $10 of your first ride – Claim your free ride

If you would like to earn some great money – and set your own hours ( dream job) Check it out here – Make Money with your car

All the best and have a safe and happy Christmas break and if you know someone that might benefit from this blog – please share.


Julie Barker

I'm Julie Barker, in late 2011 I walked away from a six figure income to live the lap top lifestyle, where I can travel, live wherever I want too and earn an income totally online. I am passionate about freedom and to be able to spend quality time in beautiful locations is how I plan on spending my 50’s and beyond

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