Why it is important to be a tourist in your own town.

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For the last 3 weeks or so, I have been sight -seeing around my home state. Tasmania, – where I lived until I was in my 30’s.  I have visited attractions that have always been there, but like most people when we grow up in a place or live in a place, we tend to take for granted what is on our doorstep.

I have explored the history of old houses in America, yet had never visited the old homesteads here in Tasmania.   – Fascinating places, and amazing homes and furniture.   If you are visiting or live in Tasmania, – make sure you go and check out Entally House  near Hadspen, a 100 year old house.  I have included some pictures of the house and the interior below.

The other one I really enjoyed was  Woolmers Estate .   This property is over 170 years old and is located near Longford. It has only been open to the public for about 19 years, as up to then the last surviving family member of the Archers – lived there alone and when he died with at 76 – the Woolmers Foundation was formed and then opened to the Public.  I did a tour of the house, but due to the age, no pictures were allowed – so I have included some of the exterior and grounds.

Another one in the are is Clarendon House  near Evendale – (this one I had to miss this time, as closed for renovations, – is on the list next time) , as is Brickendon estate – near Woolmers. I ran out of time to do this – There is a lovely walk you can do and also accommodation at Woolmers – so that would be cool to do.

It is important to explore our local attractions, as you just never know, what is around the corner, – fires happen and the opportunity is gone.   I never got around to visit Marysville, in Victoria, a very old town, with lots of old homes and set in the tree’s and only a couple of hours from where I live. Now this town is a shadow of the original – after fires went through about 7 years ago, most of the town was destroyed and you can never rebuild history. Beautiful old trees, houses and gardens that had been there for years, are now all gone.

Have a look around your local area and see what is there – great to head out and explore, especially if the budget is not there to travel yet! – I have had a great time, exploring and have enjoyed it as much as if I was in an overseas country. I think we think unless we get on a plane, we are not really travelling , so not true.

Grab your camera, and pack a picnic lunch and go for a drive, – you will be amazed at what you see and how much fun you have.

I hope I have inspired you to be a tourist in your home town.

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